A griper reports that a section of this sidewalk on Capitol Hill has been missing for more than two years. (SeeClickFix)

That’s the status of a stretch of No Man’s Land between two lengths of tidy red brick pavers on Capitol Hill, on Ninth Street just south of K Street in Northeast.

Pedestrians would love to see these two sides meet, and have proposed such a merger at least twice over the past year.

Pedestrians would like this side of a Northeast sidewalk to connect ...

The sidewalk remains disconnected. Part of the problem could be a case of mistaken identity.

In a city filled with duplicate street names distinguished only by quadrants and cross streets, confusion is common. This missing sidewalk was once reported to be on Eighth Street, south of K Street. The next ticket listed Ninth Street as its home.

... with this side of the sidewalk.

According to John Lisle, spokesman for D.C. Department of Transportation, this case “is on our radar ... the issue was that we had an incomplete address: the quadrant was not provided. We figured out it was NE and now we’re working on the request.”