Victor Stewart issues a parking ticket while working his beat. (Amanda Voisard/WASHINGTON POST)

Good luck trying to find one of those coveted stretches of District street parking that haven’t been desecrated with parking meters, resident-only signs and vigilant parking enforcement officers. Best friends might not share that kind of info. (I know a couple and I really like you guys, but I’m not telling either.)

On the heels of the parking amnesty announcement, Mark Berman went on the prowl with some enforcement officers for a closer look at the often precarious, time-sensitive parking game that is unique to cities like the District and New York. We don’t even have to go into confusing parking signs, sending mixed signals like a flailing relationship. If you drive here, you know.

Various parking signs in the same place can confuse drivers in the District. (Akeya Dickson/ WASHINGTON POST )

So we ask you: what neighborhoods are hotspots for getting parking tickets? If we’ve left any off, let us know in the comments. And shoot us any gripes you have by visiting the Daily Gripe and plotting points on our map.