A rush hour parking sign on L Street NW. (Akeya Dickson)

One would think that the $100 fine for parking on the street during rush hour would be incentive enough to just...not. But according to Griper John, more and more drivers are tempting the parking czars of Northwest.

“During the evening rush hour there has been an increasing number of cars parked in the northbound direction between O Street and Euclid during restricted times,” reports John.

For those trying to hightail it home after work on the already congested streets of D.C. — particularly this busy thoroughfare — ill-timed parking “can severely interrupt traffic flow for northbound cars and Metrobuses,” he said.

The Department of Public Works’ role is to assist traffic flow by removing obstacles by ticketing and towing vehicles, said department spokesperson Linda Grant. There is an additional $100 fine if the vehicle is relocated.

“Requests for increased enforcement is our second most frequent request. Removal of bulk items is the first,” she said. “We will certainly deploy officers.”