A Griper is uncertain if a bump in the road is an official speed bump or not. Arlington County answers the query. (Post Guard)

Are three-lane speed bumps possible? Not so on Arlington Boulevard. Griper S. Smith noticed one on that roadway between N. Filmore and the exit for Washington Boulevard with “the worst part being in the left lane.”

“This ‘speed bump’ causes unnecessary delays as folks slam on the breaks to try and avoid damage to cars,” Smith reported.

Arlington Boulevard is maintained and operated by the Virginia Department of Transportation, said Mylissa Kennedy, a spokeswoman for Arlington County Department of Environmental Services.

“County staff investigated this area and determined that it is likely a road joint, not a speed bump, or result of a local construction project,” she said.

Drivers should report their concerns and requests for repairs directly to VDOT by calling 800-FOR-ROAD or 800-367-7623, or by filling out an online request form at www.virginiadot.org/travel/citizen.asp.

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