After checking it out this morning, the signs were consistent. (Akeya Dickson )

All dcquilter wants is a little consistency. The Washington Post registered user commented on a call out for story ideas for our interns.

Why are so many street signs in the District incorrect (and remain so interminably)?” asks dcquilter in the comments section. “A prime example is the sign for Constitution Avenue at 8th Street Northeast. The sign for the 700 block reads ‘Constitution Ave NE.’ The sign for the 800 block (just across the street) reads ‘Constitution St NE’ ... ugh!”

I chatted with John Lisle, a spokesman at the District Department of Transportation, about it Thursday afternoon, and he said that they’d fix it if this was indeed true.

After making a pit stop at the intersection this morning and looking at every sign there, I didn’t see any signs that read Constitution St. So whether the DDOT sign fairies made a quick change or it was a mistake, dcquilter’s Constitution Avenue quandary has been solved, and consistency restored.

A reader reported that these signs were inconsistently labeled Constitution Ave. and Constitution St. (Akeya Dickson)