A street sign in the 1400 block of Corcoran Street NW states that street sweeping occurs on Tuesdays.

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Two months ago, Griper Randy King reported that the south side of the 1400 block of Corcoran Street in Northwest hadn’t undergone any regular street sweeping since August of 2010. The cleaning was temporarily suspended initially because of construction by the DC Water and Sewer Authority.

“WASA construction has been gone since October but regular cleaning has not resumed,” reported King about the Logan Circle neighborhood.

When we spoke to Linda Grant, a spokeswoman for the District Department of Public Works, we got a slightly different explanation.

The real culprits thwarting street sweeping are residents and visitors, according to Grant.

“What we are finding in some isolated neighborhoods is that people are not moving their cars during the street sweeping times,” she said. “What we have begun doing is increasing parking enforcement. We’ve been writing a lot of tickets including in the 1400 block of Corcoran Street. If the tickets don’t work, then we’ll be forced to tow.”

When a car is parked, it takes up three spaces that won’t be cleaned by the street sweeper, she said. Tickets are $30 for being parked in lanes when street cleaning is scheduled.

As of a month ago, street sweeping hadn’t resumed in the neighborhood, according to a post update by King.

“It is possible that this block is still considered under construction as the street was completely resurfaced two weeks ago,” he wrote. “Now that all work is complete, the status needs to be changed; all construction signage removed and regular cleaning restarted.”

Street sweeping resumed March 1 and will end October 31, Grant said.