Griper Jenny Decker snapped this photo of a recycling can that she says is perpertually in the alley and sidewalk. (Jenny Decker)

Navigating the oft-congested District thoroughfares can prove challenging for drivers, walkers and bicyclists. Griper Jenny Decker today reported that residents at 606 M St. NE have “been storing trash and recycling [cans] on the sidewalk or in the adjacent alley,” getting in the way of everyone.

“They have been ticketed and neighbors have spoken to the tenant,” she wrote. “The recycling can is currently located in the alley. By this evening the trash can will probably be there as well.”

We contacted the District Department of Public Works to get feedback on what actions would be taken if the tenants continue. Linda Grant, a spokeswoman for the department, said that she would follow up and respond with answers. We’ll keep you posted.