You know traffic must be bad when a griper asks us to come out and take a drive and “bring a sandwich.”

Apparently, traffic lights stay red for a long time, but only green for a very short time which backs up traffic on Florida Avenue to Fifth Street in Northeast, a griper says. The wait can be so long that it’s probably wise to pack a snack for your commute.

So, the Daily Gripe checked in with D.C. Department of Transportation to see if the timing on the lights had changed and was causing the congestion.

“This really is not about the signal timing,” said John Lisle, spokesman with DDOT. “[The griper] is complaining about the traffic pattern at the intersection of Florida Avenue, First Street NE and New York Avenue. Traffic flows in a circular direction around the property with the Wendy’s. The pattern was changed to make the complicated intersections safer for everyone including pedestrians. That does mean there can be a longer wait sometimes to get through the area, especially if you are coming from the east on Florida.”

Safety vs. congestion. Does knowing that help you cope while you are sitting in traffic?