Our Griper talks about sanitation workers who take short cuts down one-way streets. (www.sportslife7.blogspot.com)

It can be particularly vexing, however, when garbage trucks hold up traffic by taking such liberties as traveling down in the wrong direction on a one-way street (kind of like when we get annoyed when ambulances and police cars turn on the sirens to get through lights, but that’s for another post).

An anonymous Griper, whose grievance was viewed 736 times, wrote in with such an issue.

“The D.C. garbage trucks ROUTINELY back up one-way streets the wrong way, (for example Mintwood Place NW),” wrote the Griper. “I also see other garbage trucks going the wrong way on other streets.”

We brought this issue to the attention of the District Department of Public Works to see if there was some sort of pass that garbage trucks are given that we weren’t aware of.

“We require all our drivers to obey the traffic laws,” said Linda Grant, a spokeswoman for the department. “If a city truck is disobeying traffic laws, residents should document the time, location and truck number located on the side doors and report that information.”

To report violations, call 202-645-4301.

Comment here or tweet us @TheDailyGripeWP and let us know if you see this being an issue on other streets, and in Maryland and Virginia too. Also give us a shout if you have any other issues with garbage trucks in your neighborhood.