Brown be gone! The cost for the 428 is $886 million. (An Antenna Design, courtesy of WMATA)

#wmata -- what a concept!?!?!? if station isn’t open yet don’t show it on the map, says folks from metro focus grp. on station names.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyDana Hedgpeth

jnfrlynne Let's work on the A/C before navigation tools #map RT @washingtonpost Take a peek inside Metro’s newest rail cars #wmata

dcGisenyi Yes, but are they faster and will they be on time? MT @DCist_Updates: #WMATA unveils plans for new 7000 series railcars

josephlkitchen 4 @metroopensdoors staff to call small focus groups a strong voice of #metro customers a ringing endorsement2change name is a joke.

JenniferDarland #wmata uses features similar those on NYC subways RT @Washingtonpost: Take a peek inside Metro's newest rail cars

drgridlock #Metro launches pilot program allowing SmarTrip users to reload from home. #wmata

A rendering of the 7000 series cars. (An Antenna Design, courtesy of WMATA)

jdland #WMATA focus groups like adding #Nats Park (or the Curly W) to Navy Yard, but not ”Capitol Riverfront”: ( @ggwash)

perkinsms @metroopensdoors better have more hand holds than that. I can see places where I wouldn't be able to reach, and I'm not short.

kytja America may be getting fatter but #WMATA’s seats won’t be getting wider in mock-ups of new rail cars.

perkinsms @atuss I'd rather have an “uplifting experience” when I get to an escalator.

in response to >> atuss #Metro staff says when these new trains pull into stations, they want riders to have an “uplifting experience” @wtop

 FixWMATA Clarification: Station names aren't a PROBLEM, but now is an OPPORTUNITY to change it if it's wanted. #wmata

 dstessel For reporters with me: “Masamichi Udagawa”

WMATA’s chief spokesman clarifies how to spell the name of the owner of Antenna Design.

 candibfly RT unsuckdcmetro #wmata I don't care what the station is called, just get me there without your usual inconveniences.

 No_Brand_Hero RT @FixWMATA Just replace station names with footnote numbers that have to be looked up on #wmata website Then you can list EVERYTHING nearby.

 unsuckdcmetro How do station names rank among Metro's problems? #wmata

Barbara J. Richardson, Metro's assistant general manager for its Department of Customer Services, Communications and Marketing, shows highlights of a model of the system’s new 7000 rail series car. (Mark Gail/The Washington Post)

And a few more from postmetrogirl:

>> #wmata - neigborhood map needs to be more visible, says brd. member tom downs. names like g'town don't belong on station names.

>> #wmata -- brd. members question costs of adding on names at stations. arlington co.'s mary hynes wants to know what she's paying for.

>> #wmata -- chatter of having primary name, secondary name and icons in station names...i'm confused just listening, thinks postmetrogirl.

>> #wmata- metro brd. member tommy wells asks about buying new signs in bulk. sams club for metro signs????? 

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The Cheverly Metro station. (Mark Gail/The Washington Post)