"People are always switching lanes at the last minute on this road. It is tough to merge in without getting stuck exiting for the bridge," wrote FormerUpstater. (Courtesy of Griper Elaina)

One of the more popular guesses: dcnate and arl09 both pointed out that the Key Bridge also goes to Washington; @g_r_e_g tweeted @TheDailyGripeWP the same catch on Twitter.

“It bugs me that one sign has the city name at [the] top and then bridge name and the other one has the bridge name at [the] top and city at [the] bottom,” wrote tattp.

No one person got it exactly right, but FormerUpstater was close and was also quoted in the caption.

“They need to make the gantries not be so far after the lanes divide,” wrote the commenter. “Out-of-towners are always confused by the signage on 110, the GW Parkway, Washington Blvd., etc., etc., etc. in Virginia.”

We were so intrigued by your responses that we’re going to try to get answers for them too, so thanks for your feedback, we want to hear from you.

Now on to the Griper, Elaina, and what her issue is:

“The ramp has two lanes: One for those turning right to cross the Memorial Bridge, and one for those turning left towards Arlington Cemetery. Those coming from 110-N have to merge with those exiting from the GW Parkway, and there is always a huge backup while the left lane remains free and clear,” she wrote.

“Couldn't the left turn only lane be changed to a left AND right turn lane? Memorial Drive is two lanes anyway, so having two cars turning right at the same time would not be a problem, and it would reduce the ramp backup a ton,” she added.

 So what do you think? Are you frustrated with the backup at this ramp? Do you think that the left turn lane should be a left and right turn lane?

 We asked the Virginia Department of Transportation about this query. Joan Morris, a spokeswoman for the department, said that she will get back to us with a response after consulting with VDOT’s engineers. We’ll update you when we get a response.

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