Some of the weeds are a few feet tall, according to our Griper. (John White)

The sidewalks and medians along K Street could use some beautification efforts, according to Griper John White.

“The weeds along the K Street underpass are massive and numerous,” White reported. “Some have reached four feet tall. It’s a horrible gateway into the District.”

White is referring to the stretch of K Street between 21st and 25th streets in Northwest that travels underneath Washington Circle in a tunnel.

“There is no grass, it’s all weeds growing up through the cracks in the sidewalks and median strips. They need to be sprayed and killed.”

We reached out to the District Department of Transportation to see if maintenance of the medians and sidewalks fall under their jurisdiction. We also inquired about any beautification efforts that might be planned for the area. We’ll keep you posted.

Weeds lining the K Street underpass in northwest. (John White)