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A quick-hit buffet of The Daily Gripe’s tidbits from the week of Aug. 15.

Residents are conflicted about whether or not sports should be played at Meridian Hill Park. (

According to yesterday’s poll, our Gripe crew tends to think so.With a 41 percent majority, voters said that soccer and other team sports should move to an athletic facility.

The close second was 36 percent, who said that playing soccer and other sports is part of the park experience and should be allowed. And 23 percent of the 525 votes said that a compromise should be reached, and games should be played only at certain times.

A colleague noted that playing sports in the park is no different than the organized soccer and kickball games played on the Mall, and that there doesn’t seem to be much issue with that. And myalmar pointed out that it’s unfair to target soccer players.

“Let’s take a look at who is complaining. Are these the people who bring noisy kids to the park, disrupting the quiet enjoyment of park-goers?” myalmar wrote. “Are these the people who let their dogs run free in the park, leaving behind urine-stained trees and hidden piles of poo?”

We also love our solution-oriented commenters too, who offered observations and alternatives that we’re going to pass on to the appropriate park officials. The following are snippets of conversation, including a popular suggestion to install some artificial turf:

“I think the park service and the players should get together and buy turf. Put it on the larger of the two fields. Then landscape the other field with strategically placed tress and bushes so that it’s not a good field for games but perfect for picnics and impromptu yoga,” wrote vipogi

“...Why shouldn’t those that use it in a way that causes more damage contribute more to its upkeep? And I agree - don’t target one group, everyone should be responsible for their actions,” wrote JDI800

“There are two distinct lawns in the park. If funds were available (or could be raised), it would be perfect if an artificial surface was installed on one of the lawns for casual sports, leaving the other lawn free for all other activities. No dust, no mud, and the character of the park remains intact - if not enhanced,” wrote DCarik

Wasps have been discovered in the sandbox at Lafayette Playground. (

We got all itchy when we received a gripe about wasps taking over a sandbox at Lafayette Park in Chevy Chase. We reached out to see what’s being done about the situation and haven’t gotten a response yet, but we’ll stay on top of it and update you accordingly. We can only imagine how traumatizing it must be to have your 4-year-old reverie of making mudpies disrupted by a wasp sting. Shudder.

Unintentional speed hump

We solved the mystery of what was thought to be a three-lane speed bump in Arlington. Turns out that what was mistaken as a traffic calming measure on Arlington Boulevard is actually a road joint.

Some of the weeds were a few feet tall, according to our griper. (John White)

Last week we reported on overgrown weeds swaying in the wind along K Street. John Lisle, a spokesman with the District Department of Transportation, told us that they’re chopping ‘em down this week.