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A quick-hit buffet of tidbits from the week of Sept. 12.

(Doug Kapustin/For The Washington Post)

Southern Marylanders grapple with thick traffic to get into parking lots for high school games that clog up the roads. Residents who live near high schools have to not only deal with the glaring lights but figure out how to travel with around the traffic.

Sharing Virginia roads nicely

Saturday concludes Virginia Bicyclist and Pedestrian Awareness Week, and Rob Richardson of Drive Smart Virginia shared some gripes that bikers and pedestrians have with drivers, and ways that everyone can share the roadways safely.

A gaping hole lies in the middle of the sidewalk.

Brian Card noticed a fallen pothole that could do more than trip up a pedestrian who isn’t paying attention whilst walking down 11th Street Northwest in downtown D.C. We’ll let you know when the pothole cover has been restored to its proper place.

And a couple of items from last week

Morning Annapolis traffic frustrates drivers

Route 2 heading toward Annapolis moved at a snail’s pace the morning of Sept. 9 due to closures on Routes 301 and 4. Motorists struggled to find different routes to Annapolis from Southern Maryland, and some considered U-turning it back home.

Stumped in Georgetown

Our griper wants a new tree planted where this stump now sits. (mwander)