See Click Fix member Bryan S shot and reported this pothole in Cleveland Park. (Bryan S)
We don’t know about you, but The Daily Gripe is clearing out our pothole inbox and trying to take advantage of the last few days of Potholepalooza. The program avoided interruption (John Lisle, a spokesman for the District Department of Transportation, said that it might not have been extended) as possibilities of a D.C. government shutdown loomed. Residents have 10 more days to send in their bids to get mini-craters filled.

Either way, we’re calling the department’s attention to pockets of potholes that have been reported to The Daily Gripe. Whether reported 10 minutes ago or 10 months ago, some of these potholes may be included in the 4,040 that have been filled as of April 7 during the month-long event. (If you know that these potholes have been filled, let us know and we will update the post.) Plot any pothole points that we may have missed on The Daily Gripe map so that we can make sure that our streets are smoothed out.

This pothole hinders cyclist traffic downtown. ( Tennesseer )


Griper: Eric Wagner

Posted: 9 months ago

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There are patches overlapping more patches and interspersed with potholes passing the Holocaust Museum and the Bureau of Engraving in Southwest, reports Eric Wagner.

The issue is for traffic coming down 15th St. and crossing Maine Ave. towards Ohio Dr. to the Jefferson Memorial.

“The two lanes going towards Ohio Drive SW are in terrible shape, especially the right one,” he said. “This creates potentially dangerous situations since it makes it very challenging to control the bike in traffic. It's no fun in a car either.”

Griper: Kirsten Fitrell

Posted: 2 months ago

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A “massive dip” of the north side of the 600 to 698 block of Virginia Ave. traveling west disrupts traffic. Drivers pretty much always swerve into the other lane to avoid driving through the sunken portion of the road, reports Kirsten Fitrell.

“It has been there for as long as I can remember. It is exceedingly dangerous. I have witnessed several near collisions as people try to avoid the dip,” she said. “I drive a large SUV and one would think such a dip wouldn't be a big deal for a vehicle designed to plow through such road variances, but -- even driving at a crawl -- going through the dip jars the whole car!”


Griper: Anonymous

Posted: 5 days ago

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Potholes riddle Second St. near the Hart Senate building making it difficult to bike downtown, reports an anonymous Griper.

Griper: Anonymous

Posted: 13 days ago

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An anonymous Griper highlighted “several small potholes [that] have joined into three rather large potholes right at the intersection of Barney Circle Southeast and the end of the Southeast Freeway” near Stadium-Armory.


Griper: Bryan S

Posted: 16 days ago

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See Click Fix member Bryan S reported this Cleveland Park pothole at 3315 Ross Pl. It’s at the end of a cul-de-sac. Actually, there are many potholes on the street, he said.

Griper: Tennesseer

Posted: 8 months ago

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A “sunken-in lid in [the] middle of [a] bike lane is severe hazard for cyclists on this busy street,” said Griper Tennesseer about 701 E St. downtown.


Griper: Anonymous

Posted: 7 months ago

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“There is a large area of broken up pavement on the right hand side of the southbound lane on Mass Ave.,” reported a Griper about Massachusetts and Constitution avenues.


Griper: Aquablue67

Posted: 1 month ago

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There’s a “huge pothole” in the northbound 1821-2199 block of North Capitol St. Says Aquablue67: “There is so much traffic that it’s impossible to avoid if in the left lane!”