If you have out-of-state tags and want to avoid an ticket, it might be wise to brush up on D.C. parking laws. (Amanda Voisard/THE WASHINGTON POST)

A griper wrote in to say she was ticketed and now has to register her car as a “Recurring Out of State Visitor” after she parked in a residential area, twice in 180 days.

“Is this really necessary?,” the griper asks. “I feel like this is a hassle for everyone involved. In a city with so many temporary residents, interns, students, etc., I find it hard to believe they often find someone legitimately avoiding D.C. registration. I think it probably wastes more money processing these ROSV registrations than they make up in ‘caught’ registration”avoiders.”

John Lisle at D.C. Department of Transportation said the parking laws are clear and will be enforced.

The law’s the law, so best to get all the information instead of the ticket.

Did you know visiting a friend in the District could cost you more than just putting a few coins in a meter?