Note: These are emails to the desk from Bill Turque or other staff writers as noted.

3:57 p.m.:E-quake Columbia Heights Education Campus

Students painted a less positive picture of the evacuation as they were dismissed. There were stories of panic, pushing and shoving, although no reports of injuries.

“It was a disaster,” said Diana Romero, a junior. “People were pushing and shoving, trying to get out. Some people were crying from the shock.”

Romero said she had just arrived at pre-calculus class on the fourth floor when she felt shaking. “My teacher started to freak out” ordering everyone under tables, she said. A fire alarm soon sounded and then students headed for the stairs.

“People were running down the stairs,” said Jose Lopez, a junior.

“I felt unsafe,” said Jeffrey Diaz, 15, who was afraid he would be caught in an aftershock on the staircase.

3:26 p.m. from Post Staff Writer Theola Labbe-DeBose: Fw: DC Earthquake Update from DCPS

DCPS also just tweeted that because of reports of traffic tie ups they will keep students “for as long as needed,” seemingly suspending the normal after 6pm late fee.

3:02 p.m. from Post Staff writer Carol Leonnig: DCPS

A message sent just now to parents with kids at DC public schools.

“DCPS: Students are safe in evacuation locations for their buildings. We are not suspending afterschool at this pt. Parents may pick up students if they wish.”

2:49 p.m. E-quake Col Heights school

Scene at football field is pretty orderly, considering. School social worker Thomasina Garner said she was at her desk when it started and there was no mistake.

“Once it started, everybody knew,” she said.

Main office came on quickly with announcement to evacuate, fire drill style. At football field, principal Maria Tukeva and staff are keeping parents lined up outside and going to get kids one by one.

2:38 p.m. E-quake

At Columbia Heights Education Campus, a large combined middle and high school on 16th, hundreds of kids are assembled on the football field, where parents are coming for pick up

2:32 p.m. Equake

Chancellor Kaya Henderson says all schools have been evacuated.

2:21 p.m. Equake

Victoria McKernan was under her kitchen sink making repairs when she thought she’d pulled a bolt too hard. “Then I realized the whole place was shaking,” she said of her third floor apartment on Irving near 14th. A 40 pound metal sculpture crashed onto her piano bench and she fled downstairs with her dog.

2:09 p.m. Earthquake:

People lined up along 14th st in Mt Pleasant. Sirens audible.Visible damage to Eucadoran Embassy. Masonry all over the street. Deborah Synott, visiting from Calif, was in Bed Bath and Beyond on 14th when she felt something familiar. “You hear things skaking like glass, like a truck is driving by.”