It’s the season for principal shuffling at DCPS, as word starts to trickle out about school leaders who will not be returning next year, either through retirement, resignation or what the system politely calls “non-reappointment.” Only three names are known for sure at this point, according to parents and teachers, who are not identified so they could freely provide the information: Gwendolyn Grant at Cardozo High School at Meyer Elementary, Barbara Campbell at Langdon Education Campus and Keesha Blythe at Prospect Learning Center. None returned an e-mail message asking for comment.

There will be more to come. “We’ll have more specifics to announce about principal turnover in the coming weeks,” said DCPS spokeswoman Melissa Salmanowitz.

The churn has subsided since the days of Michelle A. Rhee, when nearly two-thirds of the principals’ jobs turned over. For the 2008-09 school year alone, she named 46 new leaders. Just 19 posts out of 125 changed hands under Chancellor Kaya Henderson last year. The process is also a bit more low-key than under Rhee, who famously axed one principal in front of a documentarian’s camera.