OSSE, which had its special ed bus service trashed by a court-appointed monitor this summer, is pushing hard for a smooth rollout Monday morning. According to new transportation chief Ryan Solchenberger, drivers have been practicing their routes to ensure that they can be run in timely fashion for 3,500 special education students. This was an issue in the report from monitor David Gilmore, who said that drivers on about a third of the routes were not meeting standards set under the Petties class action. Those include no more than 60 minutes of ride time to schools inside the District or the close-in Maryland suburbs.

“The routing team is analyzing the driver input and making route adjustments where needed. The route reviews have been positive up to this point and there have been very few changes,” Solchenberger reported to State Superintendent Hosanna Mahaley in an e-mail Tuesday evening.

OSSE says it continues to have more than the minimum 428 buses needed for Monday — a number that rises to 665 on Sept. 7. As of Friday, the agency reported 611 buses ready to roll.