Even with the late addition of about $50 million in new projected revenue, some D.C.public schools are facing nasty cuts in their proposed FY 12 budgets. Parents at School Without Walls ($811,000 reduction) MacFarland Middle School ($709,000) and Whittier Education Campus ($791,000) are among the stakeholders likely to have pointed questions for principals.

To help school leaders respond, Acting Chancellor Kaya Henderson’s office has distributed a memo with a series of talking points, or “proposed messages.” So if you hear any of the following, you’ll know that your principal has been doing his or her homework:

“The education of our students is the top priority for DCPS, from the chancellor to every employee and staff member.”

“We appreciate Mayor Gray’s support of quality education and his faith in the work that we do in each of our schools.”

“His additional budget allocation helped to soften the impact of budget cuts on our classrooms and students.”

“We are thoughtfully examining our allocations and considering our needs in order to establish the best next steps for our students and to be good fiscal stewards of our resources.”

“We are doing our part to help DCPS live within a balanced budget.”

“While we are facing these difficult financial times, we remain committed to not compromising the integrity and high quality of the education we offer.”

Talking points you’re not likely to hear:

“We’d have a few more dollars to work with if Mayor Gray hadn’t loaded up on senior staff and paid them more than their Fenty administration counterparts.”

“We’re hoping to use Allen Sessoms’ frequent flyer miles to add a couple of extra teaching positions.”

“Our classrooms are fully loaded with the supplies they need.”