A local group is preparing an application to open the District’s first Hebrew immersion charter school in 2013. The D.C. Hebrew Language Charter School would be organized around the the Washington Yu Ying model, with students receiving instruction in all subjects in both English and Hebrew on alternating days, according to Bryce Jacobs, a member of the founding group.

Hebrew charters have emerged recently in Florida, New Jersey and New York. Jacobs said the D.C. effort is “loosely affiliated” with the Hebrew Language Academy Charter School in Brooklyn.

Civil libertarians have raised church-state concerns about the ventures. Jacobs said that while students will receive some exposure to Israeli culture, there will be no religious instruction of any kind. The only goal, she said, will be to provide a rigorous academic program for all children.

The Hebrew language proposal is one of several that the D.C. Charter School Board is expected to consider early next year for schools that would open in 2013. They include Great Hearts Academies, a network of Phoenix charter schools that offer classical education with an emphasis on great books.

Applications are due on Feb. 1, with hearings before the board in March. Final decisions are expected in mid-April.