Two months after announcing her $10 million “Proving What’s Possible” grant competition to spur innovation in D.C. schools, Chancellor Kaya Henderson still won’t say which programs and “interventions” were scrapped to finance half of the initiative.

The reason? Naming the unsuccessful programs might damage their reputations in other cities.

“There are things we haven’t done well,” said Henderson, scheduled to be joined by Mayor Vincent C. Gray at a Thursday morning news conference to announce the winning schools.

“But if I say I’m no longer investing in ‘x’ and we haven’t implemented it with fidelity, it looks like the program was [at fault] not us.”

Just to review: Henderson wants to fund a new round of innovations with money from an older generation of ideas regarded as unsuccessful. But the public isn’t entitled to know which initiatives didn’t perform as hoped because it might be damaging to the brands involved.

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