UPDATE 4:05 p.m. We’re subtracting the 21 teachers mentioned below who were let go because they were “excessed” --meaning they failed to find another spot. Instead, we’re going with 206 as the number fired for poor performance.

I thought it might be a good idea to clear up any confusion about the previous posting.

In coming up with 206 fired teachers, I extracted from the chart supplied by DCPS only those in the Washington Teachers’ Union bargaining unit. That included 65 deemed “ineffective,”and 141 deemed “minimally effective” for the second consecutive year.

That gets you to 206.

There were also 21 teachers who were “excessed” in 2010. That meant their jobs disappeared because of enrollment or programming changes at their schools. Under the labor contract, they had a year to find another spot in the system or face dismissal. These 21 didn’t find another spot.

Also, I didn’t count the 94 teachers fired for not having proper licenses. And I didn’t count the 92 non-WTU employees, who include custodians and other personnel

That gets you to 413.

Hope this helps.