D.C. Council member Mary Cheh wants a new one for Ward 3. Parents in Ward 5 would like just one. Ward 6 parents on Capitol Hill want one as good as Deal in Northwest D.C.

There’s nothing middling about the concern surrounding D.C. middle schools. Elementary school parents, confronted with the scarcity of good options, often exit the public school system after fifth grade, heading for public charters, private schools or the suburbs.

On Wednesday morning D.C. Council Chairman Kwame R. Brown (D) will hold the first of two hearings on D.C. middle schools. Thirty-three witnesses, a mix of parents, teachers, principals, researchers and advocates, are scheduled to speak. Brown hopes to use the hearings to inform legislation he plans to sponsor to bring more support to middle schools.

Individuals and representatives of organizations who wish to testify Wednesday can call Priscilla McIver at (202) 724-8196, or e-mail pford@dccouncil.us by the close of business Tuesday. Here’s the witness as of mid-morning Tuesday:

Panel 1

Joanna Horning Fox, Deputy Director
 Everyone Graduates Center, Johns Hopkins

Lynsey Wood Jeffries, Executive Director
DC Metro Chapter, The Higher Achievement Program 

Mitchell N. Schear, President
 The Higher Achievement Program

HyeSook Chung, Executive Director
 DC Action for Children

Panel 2

Robert P. Moses, Founder & President
The Algebra Project, Inc.

Dr. Frank E. Davis, President

Marian Currell, Trainer and Coach
The Algebra Project, Inc.

Florence Fasanelli, Director
 DC FAME, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Panel 3  

Ted Trabue, President
DC State Board of Education

Mary Lord, Member for Ward 1
 DC State Board of Education

Dorothy Douglas, Member for Ward 5
 DC State Board of Education

Mark Jones, Member for Ward 5
DC State Board of Education

Panel 4  

Meeta Sharma-Holt, Principal
 Build Afterschool

Rachel Flank, Policy Specialist
 The Arc of D.C.

Ranjit Sidhu, Senior Vice President Strategic Initiatives
ACT, Inc.

Carl Forbes, Senior Consultant
ACT, Inc.

Panel 5  

Jeff Franco, Executive Director
City Year Washington DC

Meaza Yalew, Senior Corps Member
City Year Washington, DC

Heather Schoell
The Capitol Hill Public Schools Parent Organization

Raenelle Zapata, President
 Ward 5 Education Council

Panel 6

Martha C. Cutts, Head of School
Washington Latin Public Charter School

Dave Philhower, Middle School Principal
 Two Rivers Public Charter School

Jami Dunham, Head of School
 Paul Public Charter School

Niya White, Teacher
 Middle School English and Eighth Grade Advisor

Panel 7

Michael Musante, Director of Gov’t Relations

Naomi DeVeaux

Mary Levy
DC Resident

Geoff Kuck

Panel 8

Pamela Johnson
Bronze Men & Women

Nick Keenan

Rachel Yost, Executive Assistant
KIPP DC Headquarters

Maria P. Jones
Ward 5 Resident

Panel 9

Cheryle E. Adams
Community Activist