The good news for District schools was that a $100 million budget gap became a $50 million budget gap last week because of revised revenue forecasts. The bad news is that the agency had some challenges in pushing out the news about school-by-school budget allocations.

The first problem came last Friday, as officials were aiming for an afternoon rollout to school principals. That was before some of the numbers seemed out of line. When one school had 270 bilingual teachers built into its budget, they decided to check them all one more time, which delayed the release until late Friday night.

“When you have 130 budgets going out, weird things happen,” said Lisa Ruda, chief of staff to Interim Chancellor Kaya Henderson. She said that she wanted to take the extra time doublechecking rather than have to revise them after the fact.

The allocations were posted publicly on Monday, but trouble surfaced again today when tech issues caused the allocations to disappear for a few hours. They’re back up now. You can see them here.