Officials of SAIL Public Charter School, closing for financial reasons next week, are pushing back at assertions that their building is unsafe. They said school at 16th and L Sts. NW has regularly passed District inspection.

Friendship Public Charter Schools had originally planned to take over SAIL and keep it open. But Friendship says the deal fell through because the building had serious structural problems that made it unsafe for the loads created by 170 schoolchildren. A Friendship official said Tuesday that inspections by Turner Construction and Jair Lynch Development Partners had found the problems.

SAIL board member Donna Stowe, speaking for school director Terry Bunton, said that in response to Friendship’s comments, DCRA (Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs) conducted an inspection Wednesday.

“At the end of his tour, he proclaimed that it looked fine. He noticed a couple of minor issues, but nothing to be concerned about,” Stowe said. Bunton did not expect to be back, she said.

“It is also important to note that the school has been inspected regularly by the required agencies throughout its time of operation and has never been found to be structurally unsound,” Stowe said.