The turnover in top D.C. special education leadership took another turn late Friday when Assistant State Superintendent Tameria Lewis announced her resignation, effective June 17. It came about three hours after DCPS Deputy Chancellor Richard Nyankori confirmed his departure.

Although the timing seems mighty peculiar, there is no specific evidence linking the two moves, save for the fact that both have spent the past four years in the city’s toughest education jobs — overseeing services to disabled children.

Lewis is a Fenty-era appointee, recruited by former D.C. State Superintendent Deborah Gist to head special ed at OSSE, the fledgling state education agency formed in 2007. She declined to comment Friday. But Lewis was known to be frustrated with the pace of change in special education and especially the lack of clout given to OSSE. The agency oversees the quality of special education services in public, public charter and non-public schools and the adjudication of disputes involving placement of students.