There was not a lot of discussion at the front end about the selection of IFF, the firm tapped by the city to do what looks to be a foundational study of neighborhood school capacity. Because Deputy Mayor for Education De’Shawn Wright sought out private financing through the Walton Family Foundation, the project did not go through the usual “Request for Proposal” and bidding process.

But Wright said Thursday that community groups will have an opportunity to weigh in before the work is complete.

“We haven’t yet determined the full outreach strategy, but the way IFF generally does it is they first present their preliminary analysis informally to a small group of local stakeholders and community leaders (which we will help shape & determine),” Wright said in an e-mail.

“We expect this will happen in early October. This may involve a series of meetings with community leaders, education advocates, parent organizations, local foundations, etc. Their feedback will inform the final report.”

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