(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

“What challenges did you face as far as changing the culture and how did you approach it, any specific things you did to bring people together and change the culture?” Leach asked Edsall on SiriusXM College Football Playbook, which Leach co-hosts with Jack Arute.

“You know Mike, I’m a guy that just really believes in just being up front and honest with the young men and saying hey, here’s the expectations, here’s what we expect out of you, here’s the responsibilities that we’re gonna give you, and then we’re gonna hold you accountable, because if you want to achieve X Y and Z, these are the things that you have to do,” Edsall said, the preamble to a long answer in which he didn’t say anything specific at all.

“Really, it’s just things from the standpoint of getting them to understand that it’s about team, and we want them to be great in everything that they do, not just in football and academics, but everything that they do......Hey, here’s the expectations, here’s how we’re gonna go about achieving these expectations, and if you don’t do these things, then you’re gonna be held accountable, and they’ve bought into it extremely well....The way we practice, we practice at a very up-tempo pace and they’ve adapted to that, so I’ve been very very pleased with how the young men have taken to what we’re doing....They’ve bought in and they believe in what we’re doing.”

Ok, that answer wasn’t so thrilling. Here’s a later exchange between the two men.

“Are you gonna turn Gary [Crowton] loose and let Gary be as wide open as Gary is inclined to be?” Leach asked about the Terps’ new offensive coordinator

 “No question,” Edsall replied. “Gary and I are on the same page. Gary and I worked together at Boston College and that’s why I hired him. I knew what Gary was like as an offensive coordinator, and when he can do the things that he wants to do. I’m all in with that and we’re all on the same page. We’re gonna be wide-open and full-throttle.”

“Because that LSU stuff wasn’t Gary Crowton stuff, you know what I mean?” Leach continued.

 “Not at all,” Edsall agreed. “You’re exactly right.”

What else? Leach said that a lot of people think Danny O’Brien “may be one of the best in the country” at quarterback. Edsall said, in response to a question about possible rule-breaking at Miami, that he’s having someone from the FBI come address the Terps Thursday night about the dangers of being a college athlete and how to do things the right way.

Edsall also said that, despite what you might have heard, college kids like rules, and “they like the fact that there’s structure and there’s discipline. They might not say it, but I think that’s what those kids want; they want something they can hang their hat on, and that’s what we’re trying to provide for them.”

And Edsall also noted that he has an AARP card.

“Hey, what are those things, what do you do with them?” Leach asked. 

“You keep ‘em in your wallet and then you get all these e-mails telling you about all these discounts that you never use,” Edsall answered.

 “So it’s just another card, and your butt gets one card sorer when you sit on it?” Leach asked.