You know how people call Joe Theismann “Joey Sunshine” for his perpetually optimistic view on all things Redskins, like, for example, his prediction that this year’s team would reach double-digit wins?

Well, the guy wasn’t Sunshine on Tuesday. More like rain clouds and hail storms and wind gusts.

During an afternoon appearance on ESPN 980’s The Sports Fix, ostensibly to discuss Tim Tebow, Theismann was asked about his reaction to the Trent Williams and Fred Davis suspensions.

“I was disgusted,” he said. “And I don’t chalk it up to youth or anything like that. These are grown men. I mean, they flunked three drug tests, right? Ok, here’s the thing: if you know you’re smoking marijuana, if you know you’re smoking grass, and they’re testing you for drugs, doesn’t one little inkling of common sense tell you that they’re going to find out that it’s there? I mean, isn’t there any common sense at all that says hey, you know, if I’m doing this, and they’re testing me, they probably know it?

“So Ron White had a tour — you know Ron White, the comedian — he had a tour a couple years ago, the name of the tour was You Just Can’t Fix Stupid. And I look at these kids, Trent Williams, how much money did he throw away for four games? Fred Davis was, I think, undoubtedly the best or the second-best offensive player on the team this year. And they both make a decision that affects their life, not only for this year, but how they’re going to be looked at going forward.”

(As he sometimes does, Theismann got going. And then he propelled himself into another topic. The DeAngelo Hall Matter. (See here.) As seen below.)

“You know, I shook my head and I went, you’re looking for leadership on a football team. And then the stuff with DeAngelo in Sunday’s game, standing around and watching, trying to pull an Albert Haynesworth. I mean, come on,” Theismann said. “DeAngelo’s been the most vocal guy, criticizing coaches after the Dallas game. How about shutting up and just playing football?

“As a fan — and I’m speaking purely as a fan right now — if I’m a fan of the Washington Redskins and I see that exhibition, and it’s on ESPN’s C’mon Man, it stands out like a sore thumb. Is that the way you want people to view you? Is that the way you view your job? Imagine all these people driving down the Beltway, everybody sitting in their offices right now, imagine them doing their job the way DeAngelo did his on Sunday, and expecting to get a paycheck.

“Our business is one where you get evaluated very quickly, and quite often on one particular play. And as terrific as you are as a player, as hard-working as you might be, you take that one play off, you’ve got a rep now.”

Boom. Crash. Bang.

Also, Theismann was asked about the Peyton Manning to D.C. stuff. (See here.) He wasn’t having that, either.

“I think it’s absolutely crazy and absurd,” he said. “Number one, from an Indianapolis Colts standpoint, it’s totally absurd. From a Redskins standpoint, it would be ridiculous, because haven’t we seen this with Deion Sanders late in his career, with Bruce Smith late in his career, with Adam Archuleta? I mean, how long is the list of bringing people in that maybe have a year or two left?

“And obviously the play at the quarterback position hasn’t been good. Rex just continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. And John, it seemed a little bit for him without the opportunity of going through camp. So to me, I think you need to look at the draft and develop someone. To bring in Peyton Manning, the economics of it wouldn’t make sense.

“And to add somebody to a football team where he has to learn an entirely new system from what he has done for the last 12, 13, 14 years, to me, that is just very very absurd talk....I think you need to look at the draft, and this organization needs to start to build going forward, not to continue to recycle and bring people in....To add someone like a Peyton Manning, at the economic value, what it’s gonna cost you for a year or so, it isn’t even an interesting, entertaining thought for me.”