Consider: Only once since the Nats returned to D.C. have we seen a day where the Caps, Wizards and Nationals won on the same day. Now it’s happened twice in five days.

The Nats moved to 14-4 on Wednesday, which Mark Zuckerman reports is the best D.C. baseball beginning since, oh, 1932. They also have the best record in the National League. They’re also 10 games above .500. TEN GAMES!

The Capitals just beat the Stanley Cup champs, and the team that had the best regular-season goal differential in the NHL, in perhaps the closest series in league history, winning three times on the road, including an insane overtime thriller in Game 7.

The Wizards, to be sure, have had a dead rotting fish carcass of a season, and yet they’re currently riding a five-game win streak, the best in the Eastern Conference, and have somehow managed not to hurt their draft position along the way.

And the Redskins? Yeah, they’re about to draft Robert Griffin III, the man who will instantly become the most popular Washington athlete in years, and possibly decades.

Also, if you look above and below, you will see mad Boston fans. Hee.

(Images via @J_D_P_ and @pfholden)