(Photos by Abram Fox.)

And that story brought these images of the Bullets hockey sweaters from a beer league at The Gardens Ice House in Laurel.

The images are from Abram Fox via Benjamin Sumner, and they show one of the two Bullets teams that plays in Laurel.

“There really wasn’t a whole lot behind it actually,” team captain Clifton McWilliams said. “I think it was a hot topic at the time of our inception because Abe Pollin had recently passed....I came up with the idea to replace the basketball L’s with hockey stick L’s, and one of our graphic design-oriented teammates created the logo. I thought it was cool to pay homage to a local team that never should have changed their name in the first place, but that really wasn’t the idea behind it at first.”

Well, whatever the idea behind it was, these are just swell. Well done, Beer League Bullets.