(By Jandos Rothstein/Washington City Paper. Used with permission.)

“Big-time Redskins fan, man, big-time Redskins fan,” his son Nekos told ESPN 980 this spring. “He would always talk about when the Redskins won the Super Bowl and they beat Denver. His chant that night at the after-party was ELLLLLL-WAY, we got your ass today. That’s what he said he always remembered. He knew a lot of Redskins players, a lot of them. He was a big-time Redskins fan.”

And he’s now been honored with a big-time Redskins logo. The image comes from this week’s City Paper; “Ends controversial nickname, honors Godfather, too,” the newspaper noted.

“If they replace the Redskins logo with this Chuck Brown variant, I might root for them,” one local wrote on Twitter.

As seen below, it looks even cooler in print.

(Via @RecordsAndRadio)


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