Kenya's minibus taxis, known as matatus — the country’s main form of public transport — are renowned for their dangerous driving, blaring out music at deafening volumes and their elaborate, graffiti-style artwork, often based on leading footballers, singers or film stars.

Owners and designers compete to have the loudest sound system and the most eye-catching design, saying this attracts customers, but the government is trying to clamp down on them and has banned loud music and ordered matatus to have simple colour schemes.

As part of its report, the BBC quoted artist Hassan “Rasta” Mohamed, who has been working on matatus for 22 years and is opposed to the crackdown.

“The graffiti that we are doing at the an art form,” he said in an audio slideshow. “This is something we’ve created on our own. It’s our own ideas, we’ve decided to start it and we really enjoy it. We’ve made it part of our life.”

Which is why there’s a pimped-out Kenyan mini-bus taxi with a Curly W logo on its back.

(Via Reader Seb.)


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