Want to feel better about the Redskins starting quarterback? Kindly avert your eyes from any blog post written by Miami Herald beat guy Armando Salguero.

Because this stuff will not make you feel better:

First time I heard him speak, he was not quite so impressive. He talked the talk about wanting to get better and studying really, really, really hard, but it didn’t seem genuine to me. It seemed like he was saying something he believed the media wanted to hear.

First time I saw him scrimmage? Not impressed. Too many check downs. Didn’t have an attacking mentality.

First time I saw him in a game as a starter? It was against Philadelphia. The Eagles’ attacking, blitzing, disguising defense ate him up. He completed only 9 of 22 passes for 109 yards. I let it go. It was, after all, his first start.

The last game I saw him start for the Dolphins? Convinced me he didn’t have it. That was against Buffalo at Orchard Park. Beck looked scared to me. He took eight snaps, fumbled twice, including a blooper-reel moment when his flub was picked up in mid air as he was bobbling it and returned for a TD. He was also sacked three times.

Wow. Impressive set of memories. Though I don’t suppose Salguero has to worry about staking his reputation on this one way or the other.