Because the news about Sam Huff dialing back his Redskins Radio broadcasting duties to 10 regular season games this season came right before the July 4 holiday, we probably didn’t give it as much space as it deserved last week.

Thus, let me get back to the topic, by answering a few questions on the matter.

Q: Will there be a replacement for the six regular season road games Huff does not broadcast?

A: No, those games will feature a two-man booth with Larry Michael and Sonny Jurgensen. Doc Walker will still do the sidelines.

“Nobody’s going to sit in Sam’s chair when he’s not there,” as Chuck Sapienza, the executive producer of the Redskins Radio Network, put it.

Q: How was this decision made?

A: The press release said that “due to the rigors of travel, Sam Huff has decided to broadcast 12 games,” with two coming in the preseason. Huff later talked to the Washington Examiner’s Rick Snider, saying, “[Red Zebra officials are] concerned about me,” and “They think because I have age on me now I can’t do what I do.”

Sapienza told me that Huff and his family were “involved in every part of the decision, and the final decision was his. He’s earned the right to call his own shot.”

Q: Will there be any other changes to the broadcast team?

A: Brian Mitchell, signed to the Red Zebra roster within the past year, will now be a regular part of the pre- and postgame shows, and will be live in the radio booth during halftime of home games.

Q: Is this all a step toward phasing Huff out entirely?

A: Sapienza told me repeatedly that Huff is in fine health and “tremendous shape,” and that he is not being nudged out of the booth.

“It infuriates me when people make fun of him or take cheap shots at him; that infuriates me,” Sapienza said. “He is part of the legacy that made the NFL what it is today. . . . The man has earned this; he’s absolutely, positively earned the right to make his own decision.”