Speaking of Beck, when Kyle Shanahan recently praised Rex Grossman to ESPN 980, he also said this:

“When we took Rex out those three games, we stopped moving the ball, we stopped making plays.”

So Kevin Sheehan later asked Kyle Shanahan about those three games.

“The Buffalo game was the worst game that I’ve been a part of,” the younger Shanahan said. “John struggled in that game. He played good vs. Carolina, and then he got into that game and he really played like a rookie quarterback. You know, he was pressing, he was holding onto the ball too long, took way too many sacks.

“And then we went against San Francisco that next week, where we were a little out-matched with their front seven, as most teams were, and we didn’t make any plays. Helu set a record with check-downs and we were just dropping back, getting the ball to our back. We had those two games that, you’re right, were not very good.”

Huh. So maybe don’t invest in a ton of Beck jerseys before next season.

(Image via @KevinKoski)