Indeed, the past two days of afternoon baseball have been all about the Sun Monster; the Nats lost two flyballs to Mr. Monster on Sunday, and the Brewers responded with a lost flyball on Monday, allowing the Nats to score five extra runs in the fourth inning. Kilgore writes:

In early fall, when the sun sets low behind home plate in the late afternoon, Nationals Park’s outfield morphs into a treacherous place. Sunglasses and eye black are mandatory, but neither provide much relief.

What does this Monster look like? Reader @EffYeahJDub sent along this photo from the outfield, around the time that Jayson Werth lost a fly ball on Sunday. That’s bright. Monstrously.

“There’s a very real possibility of the Nats hosting playoff day game,” the Washington Times’s Amanda Comak tweeted. “Will certainly be interesting to see how that goes.”

See more images of the Sun Monster’s victims below.