Because I haven’t written about any touchy subjects at all in recent days, I wanted to mention that I’m moderating a panel called “Telling It Like It Is: Jews, Sports and Writing” Thursday evening at the DC JCC at 16th and Q.

With any luck, I’ll just sit there and look pretty and dream about potential fantasy football trades, while the stars of the show — longtime New York Times sports columnist Robert Lipsyte and Howard Cosell scholar John Bloom — discuss sports, culture and modern media.

Though it’s possible I’ll also rant and rave. You never know.

The organizers asked if I’d like to give two tickets away to a reader, so I’ll do so by referencing a famous Cosell incident in D.C. Now, his most famous D.C.-sports related utterance likely had to do with a certain Redskins receiver, but that’s too easy. So I’ll ask you to answer this question: about whom was Cosell talking when he said this:

I know [this person] inside out,” Cosell said. “He publicly admitted to me — and I don’t blame him one bit — that he is a racist.”

First person to post the correct answer in the comments gets two tickets and a chance to see me wearing a suit, possibly. You can see a description of the event here.