It comes via the artist Van Monroe, whose Web site is here. Monroe is a sneaker artist from Ohio, but he was taken by RGIII’s attitude toward pressure, which is what led to this work of acrylic on canvas.

You can see the Cowboy, Viking, Giant and Eagles, representing four of the teams that will visit FedEx Field this season. (And note the FedEx truck). Monroe is planning another painting with the four remaining home opponents.

The top of the cab refers to Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper.” The setting is a cityscape, because “I just wanted to put him outside of football ball field to illustrate [that] pressure and obstacles will come from all angles,” Monroe explained.

Here’s the full artist’s statement:

“My new body of work consists of an undisclosed number of volumes depicting different football players from an array of regions of both collegiate and professional ranks. In [the paintings] they are eluding a league of adversaries who are set to impede or destroy the featured player’s progress. Although our journeys are unique, we can all relate to the obstacles one may face while pursuing a goal.

“I pictured the players running through different terrains due to the fact we are challenged in a multitude of stages, fields and climates in our lives. But through it all, we must stiff-arm, hurdle and out-run those things or people that may hinder us. The world gives you a test, you turn around and give the world back your testimony! You no longer ask the question of who is going to let me pursue my endeavors but rather who is going to stop ME!!”


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