In my self-appointed role as D.C. talk radio transcriber, facial-hair recorder and all-purpose sports media ombudsman, I received several questions about the lack of a Nats game story in Wednesday’s print editions.

The Sports front carried a small notice that the team’s blowout win over the Cubs ended too late “for this edition,” and many readers likely wondered how this was possible for an early home game that ended in nine innings.

The brief answer: a major system-wide technical issue struck the entire newsroom for several hours Tuesday night. The Sports staff took extraordinary measures to try to find a work-around, including sending two staffers to The Post’s nerve center in McLean in the middle of the night to try to slam a Nats update into a final edition of the paper.

But on a night when The Post was also covering the Democratic Party national convention in Charlotte, the Sports section could not be changed.

Still, the staff produced an updated online edition; the front page of that section is seen above. The plan is also to re-run the Nats game story and box score in Thursday’s paper.

And no, this had nothing to do with The Post thinking the Redskins are more important than the Nationals.