And so, here is Adam Carriker, looking large. He posted this on his Twitter account last week, and called it “Laroning,” writing “Look, I can put on a tight shirt and look really jacked too! LOL!

Other tidbits learned by scouring Carriker’s account:

* The shirt belonged to Carriker’s wife. They had to cut it off him, because it was evidently limiting his circulation. If you look at the original color picture, his arms do appear to be turning a purplish shade. He said his wife was irritated that he wrecked the shirt.

* He said he was going to have his wife Photoshop the image, but that she didn’t know how.

* He told one reader that he currently bench presses 503 pounds, which is equal to more than two LaRon Landrys.

* After another reader asked about Landry’s reaction, Carriker wrote “Can't wait to see what he says. He’s my guy, I hope he takes it well.”

“(You know your my boy) But I couldn't resist, lol!” Carriker later wrote to Landry.

“Lol!!!!” Landry replied.

* As for Landry, he wrote that he can run a “4.3 easy” despite his apparent size, and that he weighs 220, or “223 if I really go in on food.”