Adam Carriker knew this, so he took his off season workouts to a higher, much sweatier level.

“I live in Colorado, so I have some altitude that I think helps me,” he explained to me in between sessions at Redskins Park. “But it doesn’t get as hot or as humid as it does here. So I was like, you know what, I’m gonna put on this t-shirt, this long sleeve shirt, my winter Nebraska sweatshirt I used to wear when it was zero degrees, put on my stocking cap I used to wear in the winter, put on my hood. And that’s what I’d wear to go run and go lift.”

“Then when I got in the truck I would blast the heat at 90 [degrees],” he continued. “Really turn it on full bore. I mean, there was a lot of times I’d get home and have to go lie down because I was ready to throw up.”

The high temps are supposed to break a bit after today, which is not necessarily good news as far as Carriker is concerned.

“I hope it wasn’t a lot of hell for nothing,” he said. “My wife told me it was over the top, but I was like, I’d rather die now than in camp.”

Carriker offered more details on his training regimen during his online wrestling show ”4th and Pain” (video below).

He told me to check back with him after this afternoon’s session for an update on whether his extreme training measures made a difference. If I were a betting girl, I’d put my money on no.