Adam LaRoche hit a two-run shot off of R.A. Dickey in the sixth inning of last night’s game with some unexpected help from Roger Bernadina.

From Kilgore’s post game story:

LaRoche walked to the plate carrying Roger Bernadina’s bat, a ploy to help him against Dickey’s knuckleball. Ian Desmond, along for the trip as he heals a strained oblique muscle, suggested LaRoche use Bernadina’s lumber, which is a couple ounces lighter than LaRoche’s 33-ounce model.

“Which sounds like nothing, but when you’re holding them every day, you can definitely tell the difference,” LaRoche said. “Take the lighter bat up there and you’ll have a chance to move it a little bit as the pitch is coming, is what the theory was. So I bought into it.”

It worked, even if just to deal with the knuckleball, which is exactly the pitch LaRoche crushed for his first career homer off of Dickey.

“You just hope when you swing your bat’s in the right spot,” LaRoche explained to Kilgore. “That was kind of the theory behind the light bat, have a little more control over it. Whether it’s true or not . . . it worked once.”

Here is video of the homerun, complete with post-trot low five and a thank-you point at Bernadina.