We’re 90 percent sure this is LaRoche. Hard to tell with all that stealthy camo. (via Buck Commander)

 After getting a few basics out of the way, such as whether he covers himself in deer urine (no), they got to talking about which Nats players would appear on episodes of his hunting show, Buck Commander, in the offseason.

 “I don’t know,” LaRoche said. “I’m going to have to have some tryouts because we got a bunch of guys wanting to come out. I may have to bring some targets to the field and see if anyone can make their mark and make that decision.”

Stephen Strasburg was floated by the radio hosts as an option, and LaRoche admitted that pitcher might just have the qualities that would make him successful at sitting noiselessly in a tree all day.

 “He’s kind of the quiet type,” he said. “I can see him sittin’ in the tree all day and being patient. I don’t know. We got a few rednecks on that team. It might be a big group this winter.”

 So, which Nat would make the worst hunter?

 “Gio, no question,” laughed LaRoche. “I love the guy. I think he’s the happiest guy that’s ever played this game. But I don’t know that he can keep quiet for more than about ten minutes.”

 Also, it would be hard to camouflage his trademark smile. He’d be like the Cheshire Cat in that tree.

(via Daily Pictures)