(John Bazemore/AP)

During the feud, several Washington players pulled a prank. Adam LaRoche had Harper sign a bat for him. Harper didn’t know the purpose, but it’s common for players to get autographs from each other.

From there, LaRoche added next to the signature, “To my hero, Ozzie, love you.”

The Nationals players had the bat smeared with pine tar and sent it to Guillen.

“It was funny,” Guillen said. “I’ve got a few friends on their side. All those guys were making fun of me. I found out later they made the kid sign the bat. They put the rest. ‘To my hero, Ozzie, love you.’”

I don’t think we’ve mentioned enough times how much fun this Nats team is.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard about a teammate having some fun at Harper’s expense. A Rick Ankiel prank led to the famous bloody eye photo and Mark DeRosa told us about some Harper hazing.

Being a rookie is tough.