Michael Lombardi said this week that the Redskins would be “a great landing spot” for Peyton Manning. Chris Mortensen said this week that the Redskins would be “one obvious team” that could be interested.

And if that wasn’t enough, I just listened to audio of Adam Schefter — the reporter closest to Mike Shanahan — and Vinny Cerrato — who knows Dan Snyder as well as anyone — discuss this very same possibility. Be afraid, everyone.

“It’s very clear where this is all gonna go,” Schefter said on Cerrato’s Baltimore radio show this week. “You don’t need to hear anything more than what you heard from Archie Manning to know how this is gonna end up, and how this is gonna end up is the Colts are gonna draft Andrew Luck....And assuming [Peyton is] healthy and gets clearance, he’s gonna be traded. Peyton Manning, to me, has played his last down in Indianapolis.”

“Biggest question, Adam: where’s he go?” Cerrato asked. “Who are the candidates?”

“Well, that’s where it gets interesting,” Schefter said.

“Washington?” Cerrato replied in some combination of question and statement.

“All you have to do is take a look around the league and say, who has a quarterback question? Who has a quarterback question?” Schefter asked.

“Washington,” Cerrato said again.

“Does Washington? Yes, Washington has a quarterback question,” Schefter said. “Does Miami have a quarterback question? Yes. Does Kansas City have a quarterback question? I think so. Does Cleveland have a quarterback question? Yes. I think Peyton Manning also is gonna dictate how this ends up and where he goes....I could see Washington involved, I could see Miami involved, I could see Cleveland involved. I could see maybe even — this is gonna sound ludicrous — but if Mark Sanchez flames out down the stretch, the Jets involved.”

Then they changed the subject. But still. Gosh. Imagine all those Manning jerseys in the stands that we’d make fun of three years from now.