“We’re in March, so it’s only fitting that we give you right now a Final Four before it even begins, and I think the Final Four teams to watch at this particular point in time are the Miami Dolphins, the Washington Redskins, the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals,” Schefter said on Wednesday. “Those are the teams that most people around the league believe have a legitimate chance to go out and try to land Peyton Manning.

“Now, there will be other teams that jump into the fray. The Seattle Seahawks are expected to heavily pursue Peyton Manning. The Kansas City Chiefs, we know what Romeo Crennel said about him at the combine, that every team out there has to take a look at Peyton Manning....And there’s always the possibility that some sleeper team lurks out there that could jump into the fray and surprise people. But I think it comes back to the four teams that we mentioned in the Final Four: Miami, Washington, the Jets and Arizona.”


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