(By Cheryl Nichols - Caps News Network.)

Anyhow, reports indicated that even though the fight was supposed to be a farce, both men managed to start bleeding. Video below.

From Caps News Network:

One of the highlights of the event was when Alan May — one time NHL tough guy now team broadcaster — and Kevin ‘Killer’ Kaminski dropped the mitts at center ice just before the face-off to start the third period. The pair appeared to be really going at it for the benefit of the fans, but spent much of the fight punching each other in the shoulders. But a few punches at least grazed each other's face, as they were both bloodied after the bout.

“Oh yeah, he hit me about three times,” Kaminski said afterwards, smiling. “We were just supposed to throw over the shoulder but he hit me a few times, but that’s the way it goes.”

And from Chuck Gormley:

The two were supposed to be joking, but May ended up with a bloody nose and Kaminsky a cut over his eye.

Of course they did.