Mike Milbury, as has often been noted, has no trouble expressing strong opinions about the Washington Capitals. There isn’t always anyone willing to call him out on them.

Well, Alan May did so on Tuesday night, after Milbury began criticizing Ovechkin for the length of his shifts.

“The reason why he got reduced ice time is because he was taking four minute shifts for, crying out loud,” Milbury said on NHL Live. “And he does the same things over again, they had to beat this horse until he finally got it.”

“Hey Mike, not this year,” May said, and then argued at length that Ovechkin actually should have been given more time in the offensive zone to work out of his slump. There seemed to be some measure of tension in the air, and then May closed with this, to host Liam McHugh.

“I’ll tell you what, I would love to, I would walk into that studio right now and fight you and Milbury and Jones with Dale Hunter by my side,” May said. “And I wouldn’t have to throw a punch, and we’d win the fight.”

Then there was awkward laughter. And the segment ended. Amazing.

“We need to have that arranged PPV style. I would pay in a heartbeat,” wrote one commenter on Japers Rink, where the back-and-forth earned rave reviews.

Also, it turns out Milbury and Hunter have a history.

Any time Dale Hunter is in the game, you know you're going to see cheap shots,” Milbury said during the 1990 playoffs, when he coached the Bruins.

Later in that series, he said Hunter had been “a nonfactor in the series besides cheap shots,” and that “I wouldn’t have him on my team if he was the last guy available; if he was the only guy available.”

“Bleep Dale Hunter,” Milbury said, according to one wire service. “I wouldn’t have him on my team if he was the last guy on Earth.”

Which led to this in the Globe and Mail.

“Milbury complaining about Dale Hunter is the pot calling the kettle black,” said Caps winger Alan May, who played under Milbury in 1987-88 for the Maine Mariners of the American Hockey League.“He was no angel as a player. He led the Bruins one year in penalty minutes. He was just a bigger version of Dale Hunter.”

To be continued?